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Instagram Model Puts Her Bathwater Up For Sale – Sells Out In 3 Days

Okay, so where to begin with this one. In the world of geeks, nerds, and fandom, there are times when a bizarre story pops up that is confusing and downright upsetting. It is moments like this that make me weep for society as a whole. Now, the people involved in this are a very small portion of our culture, but it is their actions that define us as a whole to everyone on the outside looking in. So, where to begin… Well, this story starts with an ‘entrepreneur’ who knows her customer base, and exploits it to a tee…

There is a 20 year old Cosplay Instagram model who goes by the username, Belle Delphine. The social media ‘influencer’ has a following of over 4 million, and posts raunchy gaming cosplay pics as well as more ‘exposed’ pics on her Patreon. Apparently, the money she makes from this wasn’t enough, so she created a ‘product’ that sold out almost instantly. This ‘product’ however is not of the typical souvenir variety. Belle decided to bottle her BATH WATER and sell it for $30! And it’s sold out!

I don’t even know where to begin on just how wrong, on so many levels, this whole thing is. And I’m not even going to fault Delphine for this. She saw an opportunity to make some money and she jumped on it.

I am going to fault the people who bought the bath water. This is insanity. The creepiness of this is astounding. The bath water sold out in 2 days. 2 DAYS! What?! And, while we cannot confirm whether every person who bought the bath water is male, she knew her ‘Thirsty Boys’ would buy this in droves. And men wonder why we’re viewed as creepy. Because we are! This is proof! And, while Delphine said that the product was not for drinking, but for ‘sentimental value’ (WTF?!), someone has been hospitalized for drinking said water.

I really don’t know what to say here, people. This is just beyond crazy. Just the fact that this young woman is able to exploit her childlike features to a bunch of creepy people with pedophilia fantasies is astounding, but not at all uncommon in the Age of Social Media. Belle Delphine is one in thousands who use their bodies to make millions from basement dwelling weirdos who give geek culture a bad name. And, if you feel like I’m attacking people who pay for stuff like this, I am. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and seek professional help. There is an underlying psychological problem here. And this causes ALL nerds to be looked at like cretins, when it’s really only like 1% of the culture.

This is why, to this day, people still look down on the culture, even though it has become somewhat ‘chic’ thanks to the massive success of superhero movies and gaming becoming a ‘sport’. While Belle Delphine has ‘chosen’ this life, she is still being exploited, and this needs to stop. We are bette than this. Humanity can and needs to be better.

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