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Blade MCU Mahershala Ali

Marvel Studios Announces ‘Blade’ MCU Reboot Starring Mahershala Ali

Kevin Feige has made a major announcement at the Marvel Comic-Con panel this year. In a wave of new announcements, this might be the biggest yet. Feige has announced that a new Blade movie is on the way to introduce the iconic vampire hunter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Plus, the character will be played by actor Mahershala Ali.

It’s massive news not just by happening, but now we know Wesley Snipes is out of the equation. We did hear that he was having talks with Marvel about returning to the role, but apparently they decided to recast him instead. Perhaps he could come back around for a cameo of sorts?

If not, at least we know the movie will likely be better than Blade: Trinity and hopefully introduce Hannibal King and friends the proper way. Also, please give us a proper Count Dracula.

We’ll also just leave this here:

How do you feel about a new Blade movie from Marvel? Are you excited to see Mahershala Ali in the role? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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