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Over 100,000 People Have Signed Petition Asking To Change The Date Of Halloween

In a bizarre new movement that’s been picking up steam, a petition has been started to move the date of Halloween. That’s right, parents and other adults have been trying to keep trick-or-treaters from celebrating Halloween on the traditional October 31st date and instead have them celebrate on the Saturday prior.

While it can be argued as a “safer” alternative, it seems like a rather pointless endeavor. It just goes to show how few people value Halloween as a legitimate holiday anymore. It’s now become a sole commercialized venture designed to sell candy – and now on a date that defies the actual traditions involved.

If anything, if people are that worried about school dates, they should simply let school districts skip those days and make their Summer vacations a day shorter. After all, Halloween should be remembered as a day for respecting the deaths of our loved ones and making it more important like other holidays by taking school out of the equation would do just that.

I’d rather that be the answer than simply taking away more of the traditions from Halloween and dumbing it down continuously every year until it’s nothing but a day for Walmart discounts. But unfortunately the petition is continuing to grow its large number of followers, so maybe they do have a point with their reasoning.

Either way it turns out, Halloween should be respected as more than just a day to go begging for candy. Kids should be educated on the cultural importance and why we celebrate it at all. Hopefully that’s something which will happen depending on any side’s views.

What do you think? Should Halloween be changed to a different date? Or do you think that parents and other adults should simply leave the day where it is? What’s your solution? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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