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Sid Haig Instagram Update Asks For More Prayers

The internet’s horror fan community has been in an uproar since news was released that actor Sid Haig was in intensive care. The information regarding the incident was unspecified, but his wife Suzie had stated that Haig was placed into the ICU after some kind of accident. And although those issues remained undisclosed, Suzie did ask for our thoughts and prayers.

Now the next day is here and there still isn’t much of an update on Sid Haig’s condition. But someone has updated the original Instagram statement to ask fans for more prayers. Specifically, they said:

“update coming soon. That is all for now. Please pray. Thank you all.”

Sid Haig Update

While it would make sense that Suzie would be the one making this announcement, the message was not signed as was her previous statement. As such, we’re not sure who specifically placed this information – but it does sound like they’re still in need of thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time.

The unfortunate news of Haig’s accident comes just weeks before his anticipated appearance in Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell. His career has been a long one and he helped entertain many passionate horror fans along the way. It’s nice to know so many care about his wellbeing and these future appearances will continue to showcase how memorable and strong of a man Sid Haig is.

Hopefully the next update will clear up some more questions for those of us who’ve been anxious to hear about Haig’s health. And while we’re still unsure of the specifics for now, we should all do as originally asked by his wife Suzie and send our thoughts and prayers.

And until then, we should all be excited to see Haig up on the big screen when 3 From Hell has its big theatrical opening from September 16 to September 18 this month.

Source: Instagram

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