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Richest Superhero Between Iron Man And Batman Revealed

Many superheroes are defined by, as their title suggests, superpowers. There’s plenty of characters which have gained supernatural or otherwise impossible abilities. But some superheroes, namely DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Iron Man, receive their abilities through one core aspect – they’re rich.

Of course, as fans tend to do, it’s fun to pair characters up and see which one could beat the other. In a new article from Screen Rant, they put together Batman and Iron Man in order to see which character is in fact the most rich. The article is inspired by one from 2013 which ranked that year’s wealthiest fictional characters.

In the article, Bruce Wayne reached number six with $9.2 billion. Meanwhile Tony Stark was ranked at number four with $12.4 billion. While these are both staggeringly great numbers in terms of richness, there is actually one other key aspect which contributes to the character that possesses the most wealth.

As many Marvel fans know, Tony Stark aka Iron Man does not hide his persona. He contributes to his company wholeheartedly by creating open technology to not only benefit his superhero needs, but the technological advancements of mankind. He takes a great deal of effort in maintaining his company and keeping a strong business-centered attitude alongside his crime fighting.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, is not at all very well-connected with Wayne Enterprises. He tends to have extreme personality issues because of his secret identity, and as such fails to contribute to his business in a meaningful manner. Wayne Enterprises is usually his way of giving to charity, or keeping up appearances. He simply does not have the effort to keep it growing as a proper business, however.

As such, it does appear that Tony Stark is the most rich out of the two. But that doesn’t necessarily make him better – he just cares more about finances and business management than Bruce Wayne does.

How do you feel about the financial comparisons between Batman and Iron Man? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Source: ScreenRant

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