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College Football Analyst Gets Roasted For Saying “Superman And The Avengers”

You would be hard pressed in this day and age to find someone who is not even aware of the American Literary Icon and Cultural Phenomenon, Superman. As the country’s first superhero comic book, the over 80 year history of the character has lended itself to spanning across media genres from radio to television to film and more. The ‘S’ emblazoned on his chest is recognizable worldwide, and seen on just about every type of merchandize and bicep tattoo one can find. The Man of Steel has been at the forefront of DC Comics for ages. Over at the competition, a certain group has taken the world by storm. The Avengers are now truly household names with the unparalleled success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, besides a couple of intercompany crossovers, these two icons really have nothing to do with each other.

That didn’t stop one sports announcer from making the ultimate nerd snafu and combining the two as a group.

During the highly anticipated Ohio State/Penn State game this past Saturday, Announcer Joe Klatt made a call that sent the Geek World ablaze. As he called the Big 10 rivalry and was praising the Ohio State defense, he made a pop culture reference that just didn’t quite hold up. He stated that it was nearly impossible for Penn State to pass against ‘Superman and the Avengers’. Yeah, that doesn’t quite hold up there, Joe. And Twitter let him have it. Nerds lined up to ‘Um, Actually’ him in droves. But, to Klatt’s credit, he’s not taking this lying down. He has responded on Twitter in an almost ‘Ok, Boomer’ manner:

“Gotta be honest…not gonna lose much sleep over a failed comic reference. If you’re confused – join the club. If you think I’m dumb and this is funny – I agree. If you’re upset – get a life #SupermanandtheAvengers”

He even took it a step further, saying that he will use the reference again next week during the first quarter of the game he’ll be calling. The reality is, everyone is having fun with everyone here. Klatt is taking the ribbing in stride and standing his ground, and we’re all getting a good laugh at this little geeky slip up. And, hey, this might actually boost some ratings over at Fox Sports, because I’m certainly tuning in to see if he uses the reference again.

Did you hear the incorrect metaphor used by Klatt? Let us know in the comments below!

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