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TRAPT Singer Gets Into Twitter War With Literally Everyone – Including ICE-T

Anyone who has listened to rock/metal since the early 2000’s has undoubtedly heard the band TRAPT at some point in their lives. They sing that song “Headstrong” and had a few other big rock radio hits after that with songs like “Still Frame”, “Echo” and “Stand Up”. They’ve managed to make their way back to the center of the music news cycle over the past month – but the reason that has happened isn’t exactly because of their music.

The singer, Chris Taylor Brown, has been on a massive Twitter war with seemingly everyone who will reply to him – for whatever reason. It started out as something that just seemed like trolling, and now has evolved into something that most people on Twitter can’t seem to get enough of. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting tweets in all of this, and they include replies from other artists in the industry, and even actor (and frontman of Body Count) ICE-T managed to get involved.

Previously in the week, it appeared all of this was done:

But it wasn’t:

There was this bizarre set of tweets that were apparently deleted:


Some tweets from earlier this month:

And in case you missed it last month, they got into it with a variety of different bands and threatened to sue a parody account:

There are a lot more tweets on the band’s official account that feature a lot of what you saw on this article – and politics. It would be impossible to list all of the tweets, as they seem to be dropping by the second.

On a lighter note, however, TRAPT has revealed that the band’s new album, Shadow Work, will be released next month.

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