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Photo Of Human-Sized Bat Goes Viral After Freaking People Out

Perhaps it’s just the way 2020 has been going all year long, but some people are understandably on edge. After all, with the likes of massive pandemics and vicious insects that are dubbed “murder hornets”, who isn’t a little preoccupied thinking about the next possible addition to this bizarre and memorable year? Well, maybe we could be adding human-sized bats to the list.

That’s right, human-sized bats. Luckily, this isn’t the type of genetic mutation you’d expect to see in a low-budget horror movie. (At least not yet, who knows what 2020 is capable of.) But rather, these human-sized bats are a natural occurring species called the “giant golden-crowned flying fox.” Unless you happen to be afraid of bats, they’re actually fairly cute. And on the plus side, giant golden-crowned flying foxes are actually a type of vegetarian and generally only eat fruit.

As you can see in the below Twitter posts, they contain a handful of interesting facts regarding the bats which do get to be a pretty decent size.

As you can see the photo has thousands of reactions and comments – which is pretty crazy.

Although when you do the math, it’s more so the size of a human child than human adult. Nevertheless, it’s probably not something anyone would want to see fly out at them in the middle of the night. As another plus, they happen to mainly be native to the Philippines. Then again, murder hornets were native to Asia – so, hey, look out for any possible bat surprises this year.

Sadly, the giant golden-crowned flying foxes are also endangered and out of three subspecies discovered since 1831, one of them is already extinct. So maybe they’re not so dangerous after all. Perhaps we should educate ourselves on these misunderstood creatures rather than fear them. That is, at least, until some lab experiment goes horribly wrong and unleashes the ultimate flying predator on us all.

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