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‘Supernatural’ Resumes Production On Final Episodes; Set To Air In October

One of the most successful and long running shows ever to hit the CW, Supernatural is in its fifteenth and final season. And, while it is bittersweet for fans that the show is coming to an end, people are excited to see how fifteen years of monsters, demons, angels and gods all comes to and end. However, the COVID-19 global pandemic put a halt on the entertainment industry and forced the show into an abrupt hiatus. Now, as the Winchesters get back into gear and finish filming the final episodes of the series, the CW has announced when the final shows will be coming back to air.

Deadline is reporting that CW has given the return date for the final episodes of the series, including a series finale date. They have also announced a series retrospect to air before the final episode.

“The long journey of Sam and Dean Winchester is slated to end with a November 19 series finale, preceded by a one-hour special titled Supernatural: The Long Way Home at 8 p.m.”

The first of the final episodes will return to the CW on Thursday, October 8th. With seven episodes remaining, it looks like the Winchesters are revving up to take on God himself, and bring some kind of closure to a long series full of the worst of the worst. It is unclear if anyone in the series will survive, if the boys will get a happy ending, or even if there’s a happy ending at all.

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Recently, however, Jared Padalecki did make the off handed comment that Supernatural could go on for another 15 seasons, so fingers crossed that fans will get some kind of good ending to the show. And, as long as the Winchesters survive this ordeal, taking on God and all, who knows? Maybe we could get a few more stories for Sam and Dean.

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