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First Trailer For ‘Monster Hunter’ Movie Starring Milla Jovovich Released

The first teaser trailer for Monster Hunter, the latest video game film adaptation from filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson, has finally arrived! Although the footage in the trailer is brief, it’s nice to finally have a solid look at the film. Especially considering that the film was originally due back last month in September. But despite complications from the ongoing pandemic, Anderson confirmed that the film was “100% finished” back in July.

With that in mind, fans won’t have to be waiting much longer before they can finally see Monster Hunter in theaters. In fact, while it seemed most likely that the movie would be delayed until next year in 2021, it seems it’ll still be out this year. According to the newly released trailer for Monster Hunter, which you can see for yourselves below, the movie will apparently be hitting theaters in December.


Unfortunately there isn’t any specific day listed for when the film is supposed to hit in December, but hopefully we’ll have more information on that soon. Nevertheless, if the film is headed for theaters in December – then we should expect all of that information to be released soon. So stay tuned to ScreenGeek for when the details are released.

The film’s cast includes actress Milla Jovovich, who stars alongside the likes of Ron Perlman, Tony Jaa, Schelaine Bennett, T.I., Jannik Schümann, Aaron Beelner and Meagan Good.

The film was written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who is also acting as a producer on the project. Monster Hunter was also produced by Jeremy Bolt, Dennis Berardi, Robert Kulzer, and Martin Moszkowicz.

Let’s just hope that this upcoming film adaptation of the Monster Hunter games manages to please both mainstream audiences and fans of the popular video game franchise – and if it is released in December, give fans something worth watching if they go to the theater.

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