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Disney’s Star Demo Shows What Disney Plus Will Look Like With Mature Content

One of the many interesting announcements made during Disney’s Investor Day is that they would be introducing a new streaming service named Star. Disney’s Star, however, is not going to be made available to the United States – at least not at this time. Rather, the series is going to be added for Disney Plus users in “Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several other markets.” For those interested in using the service, it “will be accessible as the sixth brand tile in the app.”

Disney also made the following statement about the Star service during their announcement, where they expressed just how much content the new Star service would be including. Here’s what they stated:

The new Star addition to the international versions of Disney Plus will include ESPN, Fox, and other mature titles from across Disney’s many brands. Of course, only those in international territories will be getting access to the content. While the United States will still only have the original version of Disney Plus, it seems likely at some point that Star could be introduced to the US. Especially now that Disney is testing the possibilities with other countries. We’ll just have to wait and see how the process develops.

In any case, Disney Plus is certainly going to continue growing in the near future for all consumers, especially when you look at all of their recent announcements. They have some massive projects coming from the Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar brands – so there should be plenty for everyone to watch even if it doesn’t fall under the mature content certain territories are getting via Disney’s Star service.

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