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Patty Jenkins Set To Direct ‘Rogue Squadron’ For Lucasfilm

Patty Jenkins has been a serious player in Hollywood for quite some time. The director became a household name when she took reigns of DC/WB’s Wonder Woman and the talented creative has not slowed since. With the long-awaited Wonder Woman 1984 set to premiere on the big and small screen on the same day, it looks like Jenkins has found a home in a galaxy far far away with Rogue Squadron.

During this year’s Disney’s Investor Day, the presentation online announced that Jenkins is set to direct the latest entry in the Star Wars Franchise. She even took to Twitter to drop the news to her followers and fans.

This latest movie from Lucasfilm is set to focus on fighter pilots made famous in the Star Wars universe. What also makes this big news is that she will officially be the first woman to direct a movie in the franchise—something fans have been very vocal about.

The movie joins the recently announced Star Wars movie set to be directed by Taika Waititi. That movie is currently in development. Jenkins’ entry is planned to be released on Christmas Day 2023.

No word yet on what the plot is or who will star in the movie. So, let the speculation begin! We guess that this might open the door for more female directors to be brought over to the Star Wars franchise and Patty Jenkins might find herself sitting comfortably with Lucasfilm. Only time will tell but I am already excited about what this director will bring to the franchise. It needs more new blood to keep going and Jenkins is a great choice to be added.

You can find her latest movie, Wonder Woman 1984, set to premiere on HBO Max and in the theaters on December 25th.

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