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Marvel’s Avengers May Have Revealed New Look At Captain Marvel

It looks like Marvel’s Avengers may have given fans a new look at Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.  The game, released earlier this year, takes place in a future where The Avengers have disbanded after a catastrophic accident at the unveiling of the new Avengers Headquarters. All superheroes have been outlawed, and the world is in jeopardy. It’s up to New Jersey teenager Kamala Khan to reassemble the Avengers before its too late — and take down Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) before they unleash a deadly threat on the world.

The initial roster of available heroes includes Captain America, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Thor, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel. However, a number of other characters will be on the way in post-launch updates — including Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Panther. Another character rumoured to be on the way is Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Even though she’s ‘off world’ when everything’s happening, she could definitely be making an appearance in the future. It would just make a lot of sense, considering how often she’s mentioned in the game.

And it looks like the game may have given fans a glimpse at the character, even if it’s through a glitch. Eagle-eyed social media users have reported spotting sometimes spotting a character who looks an awful lot like Captain Marvel when they select Ms. Marvel. No official comment on the character’s identity has been made just yet.

This was from @PlayAvenger on Twitter,I think we all have a idea of who that can be. from PlayAvengers

The most recent addition to the game was Kate Bishop, who arrived on December 8. Clint Barton, meanwhile, is expected to be added sometime in early 2021.

“Kate is searching for her former mentor, Hawkeye. But along the way she discovers a conspiracy involving Nick Fury, time travel, and a frightening new enemy,” the blurb for the character reads.

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