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‘Hawkeye’ Behind The Scenes Photos Showcase Kate Bishop In Costume

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was the original Avengers to thank for the foundation that is the most successful film franchise in history. Without the core five heroes being so beloved by fans, none of the rest of the MCU would even be possible. But, all good things must come to an end. And, as Marvel looks to the future and builds their new cast of heroes, the OG’s of the MCU have all but moved on. Iron Man and Black Widow have made the ultimate sacrifice (although we’ll see Natasha one more time in her solo prequel flick soon). Captain America traveled back in time and lived his life. The Hulk, permanently injured, has retired of sorts, and Thor looks to have his possible farewell in his next solo film. But, the fifth Avenger isn’t done just yet. Hawkeye is looking to train his successor and new BTS photos showcase some of her costume and bow-work.

Some BTS pics from the Disney Plus series, Hawkeye, have made their way onto Twitter. They show Hailee Steinfeld and Jermey Renner on a rooftop, firing shots. The scene is a bit of a nod to Hawkeye’s rooftop scenes in the first Avengers movie. What’s great is that we get a really good look at the superhero costume that Steinfeld will wear as Kate Bishop. This series looks to be bringing the action along with the mentor/student dichotomy that should make for a fun and interesting series. We even get a little glimpse of that relationship in these photos, as Clint seems impressed at whatever Kate was able to pull off here (unfortunately its in front of a blue screen, so we won’t know what’s really going on til the final product premieres).

Marvel has set the bar very high with WandaVision kicking off not only their Disney Plus series, but their entire Phase 4. And, with Falcon and The Winter Soldier looking to be just as good, if not better, Hawkeye will have a lot to live up to. But, it looks like Marvel has everything well in hand and we should all be excited to see what is in store.

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