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First Teaser For ‘American Horror Story’ Spin-Off ‘American Horror Stories’ Released

With its lengthy run still seeing success on television, it was announced last year that the popular series American Horror Story would be getting an official spin-off titled American Horror Stories. The new series, while similar to its predecessor, will be made up of individual one-hour long episodes. This differs from the formula of American Horror Story, which instead tells individual stories over the course of one season at a time. Now the first teaser for American Horror Stories has been released, and it promises a different albeit similar approach to the horror and quirkiness that made the original show such a success.

As you can see below, the American Horror Stories teaser doesn’t reveal too much, and actually includes footage from the original American Horror Story series. With that being said, it’s still an exciting example that the new show will still stick with the classic aesthetic that American Horror Story is known for. The teaser was first shared during Sunday night’s Golden Globes broadcast. Check it out for yourself:

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that the series has had a few hiccups due to issues with the ongoing lockdown restrictions. That being said, it looks like progress is still being made – and with promotional materials now being created, it seems that the studio is confident that everything will proceed as planned. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for the series to be released. Fans will also be receiving a tenth season of American Horror Story, with several others planned to go into production as well. There is also a new season of American Crime Story on the way.

American Horror Stories is still being developed by Ryan Murphy, with American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson attached to direct one of the episodes. It was also announced that Anjelica Huston and Frances Conroy will be joining the cast for the new series. The show will premiere on FX on Hulu, for a first season containing sixteen individual one-hour episodes. Hopefully we’ll have more details soon on the project, and as such, fans can stay tuned to ScreenGeek for updates as we have them.

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