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Is It Black Widow Or Lady Loki In The Latest ‘Loki’ Trailer?

A new trailer for Loki has dropped, getting fans even more hyped for this Disney Plus Marvel series. It gave us some more insight into the show’s plot, with Loki having to correct his misdeed of creating branching timelines when he escaped with the Tesseract from the Battle of New York during the Time Heist in Avengers: Endgame. Fans are combing through the new trailer for any details and Easter Eggs that they can find. One scene in particular has people losing their minds, though, and it involves a mystery character. Who could it be?

This debate actually started when the first trailer dropped, as this character was spotted in a scene in that one as well. There is a mysterious woman with her back to the camera in a location bathed in purple light. The first thought everyone had was that this was Black Widow. Fans postulated that Loki would have to visit Natasha on Vormir, either before or after her death.

However, upon closer inspection, it looks like this will actually be Sophia Di Martino in her secretive role in the series. And that role is most likely Lady Loki. When you look closely at the frame, you can see that the costume this person is wearing is not the Black Widow outfit. It is more green than black and has gold piping on the shoulders and sides. She also has short blonde hair, whilst Natasha had longer red hair on Vormir.

The biggest clue that it is not Black Widow, though, is the sword at the character’s side. Obviously, Natasha doesn’t carry a sword. Di Martino’s BTS photo leak did show her with a sword at her side.

Whether Sophia is playing Lady Loki or another character, it is pretty clear that this isn’t Black Widow, once you really examine the clip. But, to play Devil’s Advocate here, Marvel is known for putting false scenes in their trailers, so Black Widow fans can keep their fingers crossed for now that it could be her after all.

Who did you think it was in this clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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