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Why Michael Myers Has A Blonde Moment In ‘Halloween 4’

Michael Myers’ mask has had plenty of strange issues throughout the horror film franchise. One such issue occurs during the 1988 slasher film sequel, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. While that film promises the return of its titular slasher villain, he makes his comeback sporting a very different look. While the mask has mostly the same idea as the original William Shatner mask, there is one instance where it’s almost completely out of character. In this moment, Michael Myers actually has blond hair. It’s a continuity error that only lasts for a second, but fans have been questioning it ever since.

It’s worth mentioning that a variety of masks were developed for use in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. One of these masks are behind the above-mentioned continuity error. In a scene when Dr. Loomis takes Jamie Lloyd to a nearby school, Michael Myers manages to sneak up against the duo. He actually throws Dr. Loomis into a glass door, and it’s during this scene that the mask changes. Instead of the traditional looking white mask with black hair, Michael Myers has a pinkish mask with blonde hair. It’s a jarring moment and one of many strange issues with Michael Myers’ masks that have been brought up over the years.

Well, via YouTube, the story was explained in Back to the Basics: The Making of Halloween 4. Apparently the issue arose after crew members attempted remaking the original William Shatner-styled masks used in the original two Halloween films. Director Dwight H. Little went into further detail, explaining that he believed a tired crew member must’ve rushed and grabbed an incorrect mask.

Apparently no one on the set noticed and they continued to shoot the scene with the wrong mask, thus giving Michael Myers his awkward moment with blond hair and pinkish color. With that being said, Little admits they noticed the goof in post-production. Unfortunately, they just didn’t have the time or money to fix it. And so we now have the infamous continuity error in all of its silly glory.

The Halloween franchise, with its many installments, is full of fascinating backstories and strange events. While Michael Myers didn’t quite have his greatest appearance in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, it is still one of the more atmospheric entries in the franchise. What’s more, it also didn’t have any CGI masks used for Michael Myers – something that a certain later sequel is guilty of. In any case, the character has evolved greatly over the decades, and Halloween Kills is set to give us one of the best takes on Michael Myers yet.

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