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space jam: a new legacy

Some Are Boycotting ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Over Controversial LeBron James Tweet

Space Jam: A New Legacy hits HBO Max in July and while many seem pretty excited about the movie, there is apparently a group that won’t be seeing the movie following LeBron James‘s recent tweet about a police officer following a shooting in Columbus, Ohio.

This is the tweet that caused the controversy:


James deleted the tweet, and offered the following explanation:

The video that James is talking about can be seen below – but just be warned – it’s very graphic.

The call for a boycott originated from Jack Posobiec in a tweet you can see below.

And while some seemed to echo that same sentiment, while others said they would NOT be boycotting the movie.

As to whether or not the boycott will actually happen, remains to be seen. If you plan on watching the movie, you can do so in theaters or on HBO Max on July 16th.

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