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Zoe Saldana Says Police Should Be Defunded In New Instagram Post

Actress Zoe Saldana is perhaps best known for her work in Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise. But it appears that the Marvel Cinematic Universe star is using social media to make a massive statement. As you can see below, Zoe Saldana decided to use her Instagram to say that she wants police departments nationwide to be defunded. The reason for this is that a Columbus, Ohio police officer recently shot and killed Ma’Khia Bryant, a young woman who was attempting to stab another female.

As stated by actress Zoe Saldana herself via her own Instagram account:

“There are no words for this unimaginable loss. Ma’Khia Bryant was a 16 year old girl who loved doing her hair. She enjoyed doing tik tok videos. She was an honor roll student.”

Her post then continues by emphasizing her desire to see police departments nationwide defunded for such actions.

“She called the police for help. Instead of helping her,

they shot her four times.

#sayhername #justiceformakhiabryant #defundthepolice.”


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With this in mind, however, police are unsure just who made the 911 phone calls. After releasing the 911 calls made by witnesses during an April 21st press conference, MSNBC stated the following:

“The officials have not yet identified who made the phone calls.”

And as of this writing, via WKYC Channel 3, it is still unclear who made the 911 phone calls. Although body cam footage that was released on April 20th does show Ma’Khia Bryant attempting to stab another female. The footage begins with Bryant slashing at one woman, and then pinning another to a car. As she’s about to stab the woman that she had pinned, officer Nicholas Reardon fired at her. He shot Bryant four times and killed her.

Aside from the body cam footage, another angle of the stabbing and shooting was also shared via Twitter:

Despite having prevented a stabbing, Zoe Saldana was clear that she wants police to be defunded. At a time when such actions continue to be argued, this event will likely only add fuel to the fire.

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