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Adam Wingard Reportedly In Talks For ‘Son Of Kong’ MonsterVerse Movie

Now that Godzilla vs Kong has been considered a major success for both Legendary and Warner Bros, fans have been eager to know whether or not the MonsterVerse will continue. While there has yet to be any official confirmation regarding the future of the franchise, there appears to have been some new developments. Specifically, it looks like Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Wingard is reportedly entering talks to direct a Son of Kong movie.

As revealed via THR:

“The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Legendary is quietly taking steps to stretch the series into one or more installments, entering early talks with Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard to return for another round of monster-on-monster mayhem. If a deal closes, Wingard would be the first helmer to return to the monster fold since Godzilla kicked off the Legendary partnership with Japan’s Toho in 2014 with $524 million in global receipts.”

Of course, Adam Wingard is currently busy working on a variety of other projects. As such, it’s unclear when exactly or if Adam Wingard would have the time for a new MonsterVerse movie. Nevertheless, he seems to have been a major creative aspect in the blockbuster film Godzilla vs Kong and its Hollow Earth setting, and apparently discussed a variety of ideas for sequels with Legendary already. One such sequel would be the aforementioned Son of Kong.

With this in mind, however, there aren’t any story details to coincide with the title. But it is an interesting choice, as Son of Kong was actually the name of the sequel to the original King Kong from 1933. This would sort of bring the series full circle in an interesting new way. It could also lead into some fascinating new developments for Kong’s character, especially now that he’s become king of the Hollow Earth. There really is a lot that can be done with the character.

Hopefully we’ll have further updates soon and how exactly or if Legendary will be continuing the MonsterVerse. But since they apparently are discussing the possibilities of a sequel, it seems like we can count on the franchise moving forward.

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