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‘She-Hulk’ Villain May Have Been Revealed

Marvel has a ton of new projects coming to Disney Plus as they expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe from just the film world to the streaming series as well. WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier have both wrapped up successful seasons to kick off Phase 4. There is Loki, What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and many, many more to come as well, bringing in long form stories to grow the universe exponentially. One key series that many fans are looking forward to is She-Hulk. The Green Goliath’s lawyer cousin with similar powers will be hitting the streaming service sooner rather than later. Now, a new exclusive tells us who the villain of the series could possibly be.

YouTube channel Everything Always created a video discussing their first channel exclusive from a source they claim to have vetted over the last year or so. In the video, they claim that Titania will be the Big Bad for the first season. For those unaware of the character, Titania is a longtime She-Hulk villain with comparable powers of super strength and durability. A bullied child, Mary MacPherran was enamored with superheroes growing up. During her senior year in high school, Mary’s friend noticed that Spider-Woman and Mary had the same hair color. MacPherran decided to run with that, telling her friends and people around that she was indeed the crime fighter.

Titania (Character) - Comic Vine

That is until the city she was in was taken as part of BattleWorld and Spider-Woman showed up to try and save the day, also inadvertently outing Mary as a liar. However, Mary and her friend, Marsha Rosenberg, were still trapped in Battleworld. Dr. Doom found them and offered them powers in exchange for their loyalty. They accepted, with Marsha becoming Volcana and Mary becoming Titania. As they pair joined forces with other villains under Dr. Doom, she ran into She-Hulk, sparking a very long and intense rivalry with the hero.

Titania is a great villain for She-Hulk and the first season of her series. Granted, she does fall under the troupe of ‘doppelganger powers’ that most first MCU villains have, but it should work great on screen seeing Jennifer Walters fight someone on the same level as her. Now, as this comes from a channel that is mostly known for reporting on rumors and other people’s exclusives, and this is their first, take this with a grain of salt. But, it seems highly logical for Marvel to go this route for their villain here. It should also translate great on Disney Plus, so here’s to hoping this is a good exclusive.

Do you like the idea of Titania being She-Hulk’s antagonist? Let us know in the comments below!

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