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Dax Shepard Shares Nude Photo Of Kristen Bell Doing Yoga In Mother’s Day Post

Dax Shepard decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in a very interesting way this year. He ended up celebrating the holiday by posting a surprising photo of his wife, Bad Moms actress Kristen Bell, doing nude yoga. It’s certainly an interesting way to celebrate the day.

As stated in the photo’s caption by Dax Shepard:

Mom’ing has changed since I was a kid…and I’m here for it. Look at this specimen: kind, patient, nurturing, hilarious, Uber talented, generous, hard AND soft. My girls and I hit the MegaMom Lottery in spectacular fashion. We are so grateful and so in love with you @kristenanniebell”


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The photo choice certainly emphasizes the message written by Dax Shepard, and likewise the message seems to emphasize the photo as well. It’s certainly am impressive pose made by talented actress Kristen Bell, who is managing to stand upside down while completely nude aside from a pair of socks. The photo also has their pet dog in view, which seems to add another layer of sweet innocence beyond the caption.

It goes to show just how dynamic of a person Kristen Bell is. She’s made quite the career for herself over the years. Her acting career has stretched from Disney’s Frozen films to appearances like those she made in the aforementioned Bad Moms series. But it appears that she is just as dynamic of a mother and wife, and it’s nice to see Dax Shepard appreciate that. Indeed, it seems very appropriate that he’s managed to note how “mom’ing” has changed since he was a kid. Social media has made the world a very interesting place in the last few years. And it seems like both Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are taking advantage of that fact.

Hopefully the two were able to have a great Mother’s Day with their family and they continue to live a nice life together. If this caption is anything to go by, they most certainly will.

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