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Elijah Wood Wants To Reboot ‘Elm Street’ And ‘Children Of The Corn’

Elijah Wood has become quite a successful producer in recent years, having both starred in and produced a variety of newer horror films. Now Elijah Wood has discussed his interest in producing a reboot of either the Nightmare on Elm Street or Children of the Corn horror film franchises. While Children of the Corn is still seemingly going strong, the Nightmare on Elm Street series has been dormant for quite some time. As such, there are probably plenty of fans that would love to see Elijah Wood tackle that property in particular.

Here’s what Elijah Wood had to say about his desire to reboot the properties while speaking to

“We, personally, have talked a lot about, internally, Elm Street and how incredible it would be to play in that universe again and see that universe, to see Freddy [Krueger] and just that concept be explored again. That’s something that we’re fascinated in. Obviously, that is not a lesser-known, smaller thing that should be remade into a big one. But another one that I feel is exciting, I know that there’s already a remake coming out, but we still really love Children of the Corn. I feel like that would be an exciting thing to … from the ground up, taking it from the novel, not remaking the movie, but actually take the short story and flesh that out in an interesting way.”

However, while these two properties are some of the most mainstream horror films out there – he did emphasize his love for more obscure horror genre films. Here’s what he had to say about that:

“One of my favorite movies, and not something I necessarily want to remake, but one of my favorite movies that was direct to VHS during the great direct to VHS horror explosion of the 1980s, there’s a movie called ‘Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness‘ by Tim Ritter,” Wood stated. “I think it sticks out in my mind because I saw it when I was six and it just left an impression on me. But, I genuinely love it. And I’ve introduced it to so many people and it has its fans. It is not that obscure, but I don’t know that I’d want to remake it. When I think about these lesser-known movies, that one always really sticks out as a special little gem.”

It’s nice to see that Elijah Wood is very passionate about the horror genre, especially considering his place within it. While it’s unclear if he’ll ever get the chance to reboot the Nightmare on Elm Street or Children of the Corn franchises, the fans would certainly have the interest required for such projects.

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