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night of the living dead 2

‘Night Of The Living Dead 2’ Teaser Reunites Original ‘Day Of The Dead’ Cast

With the public domain status for the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead allowing any number of unofficial projects to be made, it looks like we’re getting a new unofficial sequel. The film, boldly titled Night of the Living Dead 2 and stylized as “Night of the Living Dead II,” will also be reuniting several key cast members from Day of the Dead. The 1985 film Day of the Dead was one of several sequels to Night of the Living Dead that George Romero made throughout his career, so seeing these ties definitely gives the film a very unique edge against other unofficial projects. In fact, the cast members are none other than Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Jarlath Conroy – all of which were the final survivors in Day of the Dead.

As such, it seems easy to believe that this new film could actually be an unofficial sequel to Day of the Dead as well. This is quite the gamechanger in that respect, considering George Romero rarely had the chance to cross characters between his zombie films. It’s also been hinted that other survivors could be showing up in the project as well. Perhaps we could be seeing the survivors from Dawn of the Dead? It’d be the perfect follow-up to Romero’s trilogy in that sense. Use the classic Night of the Living Dead name, but bring back the survivors from the sequels. It’d be the Avengers: Endgame of zombie movies if done properly.

With that in mind, a teaser for Night of the Living Dead 2 was also shared. The footage shows the actress standing alongside Terry Alexander and Jarlath Conroy, and one can only hope we’ll be seeing more of the beloved trio very soon.

As for what we know about the film’s official plot via Rue Morgue

“NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD II takes place on a remote island where a small group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse take shelter, only to face fresh terror when the flesheaters find their way ashore.”

The film was written and directed by Marcus Slabine, who shot the movie in secret. David Howard Thornton of Terrifier fame plays one of the film’s zombies under heavy makeup.

While we await further news on the film, fans can check out the official website for Night of the Living Dead 2. As always, stay tuned to ScreenGeek for updates on the project as we have them.

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