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How The DC Shakeup Is Impacting James Wan’s AQUAMAN


DC has been shaking up its creative team including producers, writers, and executives over the past month. There may be more to come, as well. Justice League and Wonder Woman are already in production and Suicide Squad has long since finished shoots and reshoots, so they aren’t going to be significantly affected by any of this. But how is this affecting other upcoming movies, such as Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Justice League 2?

Well, James Wan, director of Aquaman, has given some insight into all the changes. At a press event for The Conjuring 2 (which he directed and releases this Friday), he divulged his thoughts about how it would affect Aquaman:

“[R]ight now I’m seeing everything as more an outsider looking into this box. So from that perspective, it’s really cool that it’s not crazy, crazy dramatic. I think it’s great. Geoff Johns is super talented, super smart. Part of what got me excited about the Aquaman character is his re-envisioning of Aquaman, the character, with The New 52. And that’s super exciting.”


Aquaman is still a ways off, so James Wan isn’t entirely sure about what all is going on, but he seems to think that the shake-ups are mostly a media frenzy and aren’t affecting the DC Cinematic Universe all that much. And honestly, he’s probably right.

It’s fun (or scary) to think about Warner Bros being thrown into a complete frenzy due to the critical lambasting of Batman v Superman, but it’s not as big a deal, even symbolically, as the media is largely making it out to be. There might be some changes in order to prevent an over-bloated monster of a movie from happening again, but that’s not likely to be too much of a problem in the solo movies. James Wan is a very good director, so we should still be very excited for the movie when it releases in 2018.

Source: CinemaBlend

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