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Video Surfaces of Jon Bernthal’s PUNISHER Appearance At Comic Con


Back on Thursday afternoon, Marvel and Netflix broke the Internet when it debuted trailers for their upcoming shows, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil Season three and of course the Team Up series, The Defenders. But it was the presence of Punisher actor Jon Bernthal who elicited the biggest response from the crowd and now thanks to Flicks and the City we get to see just how nuts they went.

The Walking Dead actor took to the stage, just after the impressive sizzle reel was shown featuring footage from the streaming services first two entry’s into the Marvel Universe, Daredevil and Jessica Jones as well as clips from Luke Cage, which is hitting screens later in the year. The clip, which you can check out below, shows Bernthal take to the stage to a round of applause, easily falling back into Frank Castle mode as he asks Jeph Loeb, Executive Vice President of Marvel Television to show the sizzle reel a second time. Luckily he lightened up after the clip was aired, more than eager to speak about his love for the character.

When asked by Loeb what it was like when he found out he had the role, he explained that ‘I know how much this character matters, I know how much he means to members of the military, of law enforcement. I take it as an enormous responsibility and an enormous honor.’

He also asked the actor what his thoughts are on the recently Greenlit solo series for the character. His enthusiasm for the role shone through as he revealed he felt ‘it was time to get going – time to get it right…I’m grateful, and I’m ready.’

Finally, Bernthal gave his endorsement for upcoming series Luke Cage, revealing to the crowd ‘Hey y’all! Luke Cage looks very, very good…I’m very, very excited. I hope you’re as excited as I am.’

You can check out Bernthal’s tortured take on Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2 which is currently airing on Netlix.

What do you think? Did you enjoy Bernthal in the role? Do you think we could see the character pop up before his solo show? Let us know below!

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