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Rumor: Marvel Has Filmed Pilot For White Tiger; 3 Unknown Pilots Being Considered For Netflix Series

Earlier this week, we told you that Marvel’s partnership with Netflix has led to several shows being in development. Now, Bleeding Cool tells us that no less than four pilot shorts have been filmed, each one for a different character. Rumors have been swirling for a while now that characters including Moon Knight, Blade, Spider-Woman and even Ghost Rider will be getting their own shows. But now, it looks like a character no one expected could be getting a show.


White Tiger. It will reportedly be the fourth incarnation of the hero, embodied by Angela Del Toro, a woman of Puerto Rican descent from the Bronx. Which would be awesome, since the MCU, while doing a decent job with diversity overall, is sorely lacking in Hispanic characters.

Angela is the niece of the first White Tiger, Hector Ayala. She’s a former FBI agent who inherits her uncle’s Jade Tiger amulets, which bestow upon their owner catlike speed and strength. She is trained in the use of these powers by Daredevil, who not only knew her uncle, but fought alongside him as well.

So it sounds like incorporating her into the existing Marvel TV universe will be no trouble at all. In fact, her name was even dropped in the Jessica Jones episode “AKA You’re A Winner!” She should be able to be woven into the overall fabric pretty seamlessly, it would appear.

What do you think of this news? Are you glad to see these lower-tier heroes get a chance to shine? And if the rumors are true, how stoked are you for these four shows? Let us know!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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