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Rumor: Luke Evans Approached To Play Sinestro In GREEN LANTERN CORPS


DC’s previous attempt at bringing the cosmic hero Green Lantern to the big screen was seen as a gigantic disappointment. One of the few positives that many viewers took away was Mark Strong’s performance as hero turned villain, Sinestro. Unfortunately, due to that films failure, we’ll never get to see the actor take on the character again. However, a possible candidate to take over the character may have been revealed.

A recent leak over at the DCEULeaks page on Reddit has revealed that Warner Brothers are looking at The Hobbit trilogy actor, Luke Evans for the role of Hal Jordan’s nemesis Sinestro. They also describe a little about what his role in the story will be as well as the overall tone of the film. The leak reveals:

Luke Evans was approached to play Sinestro in Green Lantern Corps. Not sure if he agreed. The film will be lighthearted and fun. They’re modeling the tone after old cheesy sci-fi serials. As of right now, the villain will be Sinestro with a tease of Atrocitus towards the end (subject to change however). They want to explore the various Lantern Corps with this film and the sequels.

This would definitely be a good choice for the character, although, some fans say he should be the top choice for Marvel’s Namor – another role he could find himself at home in.

Green Lantern Corps is set to be released June 19th, 2020.

What do you think? Do you like this choice? Who would you like see don the yellow Ring of Fear? Let us know below!

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