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Rumor: Eiza Gonzalez Could Play CATWOMAN

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. announced that the rumored Suicide Squad film focusing on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is now going to be titled Gotham City Sirens and will see the villain teaming up with some DC’s other leading ladies to cause chaos on the streets of Gotham.

One of the characters rumored to appear is Catwoman, former flame of Batman and professional thief and now thanks to some intrepid Twitter users, we may just have an idea on who will be taking on the role.

In the past, whenever an actor or director has been announced it has often been preceded by said actor/director gaining a few extra Twitter followers, usually from people close to the studio or a production. Two of the more recent cases of this are John Cleese and Armie Hammer, both of whom gained a couple of interesting followers. Jackie Earle Haley and Megan Fox have also been rumored for a DCEU role.

Now it looks like we can add Eiza Gonzalez, who eagle eyed fans have discovered is being followed by the film’s director, David Ayer, Harley Quinn herself, Margot Robbie and Geoff Johns who was recently placed in charge of overseeing DC’s upcoming slate.

The 26 year old actress is best known for her role in the Spike series, From Dusk Till Dawn. Whilst Gonzalez definitely has sultry looks to portray the fan-favourite heroine, the fact that she eighteen years younger than Batman actor Ben Affleck seems to imply that it may not be the case, or if it is, they may not incorporate the characters romantic history. Although, a much younger romantic interest wouldn’t be a new trend in Hollywood, just look at any recently Sylvester Stallone film.

Whilst there are plenty of female characters in DC lore that the actress could be playing, we will need to wait for an official announcement before we know for sure.

Gothan City Sirens is expected to hit theaters 2018, although an official release date is yet to be revealed.

What do you think? Is this a good choice for the character? Are there any other characters that she could be playing? Let us know below!

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