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New Theory Says ‘Suicide Squad’ Scene Reveals When GREEN LANTERN Will Appear

One thing that people have noticed has been conspicuously absent from the upcoming Justice League is the Green Lantern. There have been a few rumors on when the character will appear next, but nothing confirmed. A batch of DCEU leaks (most of which turned out to be true) had this to say about the character and when he will appear next:

“Green Lantern will appear at the end of Justice League.”

A film has been confirmed to be on its way focusing on Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but given his position as a founding member of the League it’s strange that he won’t appear. Now one fan has developed a theory as to how the character can find his way into the story.

The theory comes via twitter user, The Bryan Madigan, and involves a scene from the  last entry into the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad. You can check out the theory below:


Whilst this theory is entirely plausible, it does seem a little too convenient. Plus it has already been confirmed that it will be both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps when it hits theaters in 2020.

We’ll find out whether the Green Lantern will join the Justice League’s ranks when the film hits theaters November 17th.

What do you think? Do you like this theory? Do you have your own theory? Let us know below!

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