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THUNDERBOLTS 20th Anniversary Issue Marks Winter Soldier Change

Thunderbolts #10 had released in comic shops today and paid an ode to the 20th Anniversary. It is in this issue the Winter Solider character leads the Thunderbolts roster of Fixer, Mach-X, Moonstone, and Atlas. This is a version of the comic that took place after the events of Avengers: Standoff. They take on missions where the Winter Solider has emblazoned upon him duties having to do with the “man on the wall.”

This is a station which was given unto the Winter Solider by Nick Fury, Sr. after his “apparent death.” Kobik, a character that is the Cosmic Cube incarnate, is being looked after by the team. Songbird is another addition as well which was the end result of the events from Civil War II.

An altercation between the Masters of Evil occur between them and the Winter Soldier. When Baron Zemo is about to lay the final blow, Kobik intervenes and both her and the Winter Soldier disappear and the hero is now Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s old war buddy.

It is back during the World War II era and it appears he’s now in the body of Bucky Barnes. This is not unlike the old Quantum Leap TV show apparently.

Kobik was mentioned to have an impact on Captain America by re-writing his history as he’s an agent of Hydra now. It looks like a similar occurrence has happened with Winter Solider/Bucky and perhaps it will come to light Captain America’s secret.


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