MAN OF STEEL 2: Matthew Vaughn Being Eyed To Direct

It’s been rumored for some time now that Man of Steel 2 is definitely on the cards from Warner Bros. and it now appears that they are officially zeroing in on a director.

According to Collider, it appears to be Matthew Vaughn, director of Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Per the report:

“Sources tell us that Kingsman: The Secret Service filmmaker Matthew Vaughn is Warner Bros.’ top choice to direct Man of Steel 2, and preliminary conversations about the prospect have taken place.

This isn’t yet in the deal-making stage, and Vaughn could very well end up not directing the film, but he’s who Warner Bros. wants at this point in time. Moreover, sources tell us that if Vaughn for some reason doesn’t direct Man of Steel 2, Warner Bros. still wants him to helm another superhero movie in the DCEU.”

We actually reported last week on some DCEU leaks, that included Man of Steel 2:

“Brainiac will be the main villain for Man of Steel 2. The story was written by Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder. The plan is to place the film on the November 1st, 2019 release date.”

If Warner Bros. just lets their directors work and release their cut, it can’t really be argued that they don’t have a solid core of directors for their upcoming slate of films. With Mel Gibson also being courted for Suicide Squad 2, and Matt Reeves signing on to direct ‘The Batman’ with Ben Affleck, things are looking good for The DCEU.

Source: Collider

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