Captain America’s New HYDRA Costume Revealed

A new cover for the final issues of Secret Empire has been released, and it shows Captain America wearing the Hydra colors.

Marvel Comics announced today that the original nine-issue series has been extended to tenth issue. Secret Empire #10 will he written by Nick Spencer with art by Steve McNivene. The cover has been created by Mark Brooks.

Tom Brevort the Marvel SVP & Executive Editor has told

“[Writer] Nick [Spencer] has constructed each issue of Secret Empire so that it ends with a climactic twist or a big reveal or a shocking development, and issue #9 is no exception,” He goes on to say: “So moving into the finale, with issue #10, the heroes across the Marvel Universe will be pushed to the breaking point as we race to the exhilarating climax we’ve been planning for months. Oh, and let me say again: we’re not going to use the Cosmic Cube to simply reverse everything away—the stakes matter, maybe more than they ever have before.”

The cover shows Captain America standing victorious over the bodies of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes, which include The Avengers, The X-Men, The Defenders and The Champions. His costume looks as though it is a mix of Cap’s traditional costume and an Iron Man armoured suit. The suit is colored in the green and gold of Evil Hydra.

Secret Empire has shown Captain America’s true colors, as in the first issue he set up a new team of Avengers who were loyal to Hydra. Yet in the Free comic book day Secret Empire, he was seen to be fully loyal to Hydra and able to lift Mjolnir after Thor disappeared during the battle.

Comic book fans will have to wait until August for Secret Empire #10. We will get to see the final battle between Captain America and the might of the Avengers, The Champions, The Defenders, The Inhumans, The X-Men and other Marvel heroes.

Source: Marvel