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Star Trek: Discovery

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Trailer For STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Released

Star Trek fans have been waiting a long time for the show to return to the small screen. After the cancellation of Enterprise fans believed that was it, well until the J.J Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek movie.

Today, their patience has been rewarded, with a first look short trailer introducing the characters, the ship and the aliens. The Eye Network released the trailer as part of the Network’s Upfront Presentation for Advertisers.

After the loss of original showrunner Bryan Fuller, then series was delayed, originally supposed to air earlier this year. Now this trailer has dropped, and a late fall premier date has been decided upon, it seems we will all be able to boldly go to where no one has gone before.

This trailer also goes a way to show what the All Access Subscribers will be paying for as Discovery will be debuting on that forum.

The first thing to note about the trailer is the production values. It looks in keeping with the recent Star Trek series, most recently with Star Trek Beyond. The trailer most likely takes its footage from the pilot episode, and as such not much is known about the characters.

However, it does seem like Soniqua Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham will be the sympathetic lead, with a lot of the footage centering on her. It also looks as though the main conflict will be through battles with the Klingon race, who look like they’ve had a face lift to bring them in line with the Klingons seen in Star Trek into Darkness.

As it’s set before Kirk’s time, it appears they’ve gone with a standard jumpsuit for a uniform, which in my opinion doesn’t look too good. Bring back the bright colours of the Federation! It looks like an interesting piece of television and it will be interesting to see if the gamble of it being a subscriber only show will pay off.

The show is set for release in the fall so set phasers to stun and get a pint of that Romulan ale, because hopefully it will be good.

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