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Did Marvel Cut Mary Jane Watson From SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING?

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a big hit with movie goers and comic book movie fans. It re-ignited Spider-Man after the lackluster performance of The two Amazing Spider-Man films.

It also slipped nicely into the pre-existing Marvel Cinematic Universe – having Peter Parker’s first appearance in Iron Man 2.


It rebooted Spider-Man for new audiences, with a high school setting. We also have new characters added to the live action interpretation too – with two potential love interests for Peter.

First there was Liz Allan, played by Laura Harrier and Michelle Jones played by Zendaya. A nod to the more well known Mary-Jane Watson love interest occurred when Michelle insisted her friends call her MJ.

Kevin Feige insisted earlier this year that Zendaya’s character is NOT Mary Jane:

“In setting up this will be a very different thing, she’s not Mary Jane Watson, that’s not who the character is. But giving her the initials that remind you of that dynamic certainly is intriguing about what could go forward,”

But now some new concept art from Henrik Tamm has made its way online – and it could suggest that Mary-Jane was once part of the Homecoming lineup.

Some have said that the MJ reference was a bad idea, but it was just a nod that Sony and Marvel are going in a different direction with Peter and his love interest.


Image: Henrik Tamm

If we take a closer look at the image – to me, it looks as though it could be one of the other characters from Homecoming, judging by the skin tone and hair color.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it could just be Liz Allan setting up the decorations for the Homecoming dance.

I don’t think Mary-Jane was cut from Spider-Man Homecoming. I believe this image is of Liz Allen setting up the titular Homecoming dance.

What do you think, is it Liz, Michelle or Mary-Jane? Let us know down below!

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