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Bill Skarsgård As Pennywise Is Even Scarier Without Makeup

If you’ve seen the latest rendition of Stephen King’s IT, you’re likely aware of how tremendous a job Skarsgård has done playing Pennywise. He’s somehow made an iconic character that’s endured almost 30 years now into something even more iconic – and that’s impressive.

While plenty of credit can be given to the costume and makeup departments, Skarsgård himself must be credited the most for bringing Pennywise to life. It’s his own face and charisma that made the cosmic clown just a little more unique and sinister than anyone else could have.

And you can see how that’s even more true below, where Skarsgård does his impression of Pennywise for a Swedish radio program without any makeup or digital enhancements.

Meanwhile the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT has been a huge success. It’s even scared the author’s son Joe Hill:

“Andres’ adaptation of IT is one of the 5 scariest films ever made,” Hill exclaimed. “It’s tremendously humane. You love the characters in it. But it is just relentlessly terrifying.”

He continued:

“Only Jaws, The Exorcist, John Carpenter’s The Thing and Let the Right One In are scarier. It’s that good. It’s that brilliant.”

Meanwhile Bill Skarsgård has previously revealed that he’s been having nightmares from how terrifying an experience playing Pennywise was – which isn’t really a surprise:

“It’s funny. I went back to Stockholm after we wrapped, and every night for two weeks, I had these strange recurring Pennywise dreams. I was him, but I was in the wrong setting, somehow. I was upset that people could see my face. It was surreal. I can’t explain it.”

IT is currently playing in theaters everywhere.

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