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Agent Carter Could Return For Upcoming AVENGERS Movie

Those of us still disheartened over the fact that Agent Peggy Carter passed at the age of 95 last year might have something small to take solace in. Rumors have been making the rounds about the beloved character returning to the screen for Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4 (still untitled).

A casting call for “Mary Lou” has been spotted. This is the working title for both previously mentioned films. It means they are looking for actresses to play female engineers and secretaries in a 1960’s setting. Perhaps some sort of flashback is in the works in Peggy Carter’s era. A scenario such as this is entirely possible with the Time Gem expected to be a part of the plot. The Avengers could time travel.

Casting calls spoil surprises now and then. We know Nick Fury and Captain Marvel will be played by Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson. They will make a future appearance in the franchise’s 2019 sequel.

The Avengers franchise has high visibility these days. Of course we noticed when Hayley Atwell visited Marvel headquarters to meet with producer Louis D’Esposito. We aren’t skilled enough spies to know what exactly was discussed, but we’re working on it. They did, however, take a picture together in front of a Captain America mural.

Atwell hasn’t said anything about a return to the franchise, however, she did post a picture of herself wearing the same mo-cap she has used before while working on The Avengers set. It’s not a confirmation, as Marvel has teamed with Disney and she could be working on something entirely different. She has changed her looks quite a bit for whatever role she is playing. We’ll have to wait and see.

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