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IT Movie Gets Reimagined as an 80’s Horror Film

Who would’ve thought Andy Muschietti’s IT movie adaptation starring Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise the Clown looked so good on VHS?

New Line Cinema has been seeing a change of form lately, as the more things change the more they stay the same. The once low budget film production studio managed to survive the 1980s thanks to A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s huge success. The studio was dubbed ‘The House That Freddy Built’ soon after and grew rich on a variety of similar horror film successes.

The company was eventually bought out by Warner Bros. but now you could say history is repeating itself. Their latest release, an adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, is breaking tremendous Box Office records. The film has gone so far as to become the highest grossing horror film of all time – and it hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down.

This has triggered a variety of fans to show their support for the iconic property, including independent filmmaker Erick Solis. He’s decidedly used his editing abilities to create a fantastic VHS-styled trailer for the film. It could’ve very easily been placed on a VHS copy of A Nightmare on Elm Street because the video fits so well with that early 80s New Line style.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Erick’s latest project – an awesome tribute to 1980s action and horror films. It’s called NIGHT RUN, and there’s currently an Indiegogo page you can support to make the film happen.

As Solis describes,

“NIGHT RUN is my massive love letter to the 1980’s and its awesome action movies. The film follows Daniel McKormack, a man who resurrects from his grave on a Halloween night seeking revenge on the men who murdered him a year prior. Follow Daniel as he teams up with the towns’ Sheriff, featuring car chases, synth music and 80’s imagery way to rad to be typed in a single sentence. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the greatest 80’s film that never was and get your name in the credits!”

IT is currently playing in theaters everywhere, with IT: Chapter Two expected to hit theaters September 2019.

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