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SPAWN Reboot Starts Production in Early 2018

Todd McFarlane, creator of the Spawn comics, will begin filming for a reboot in February 2018. In 1997, the first attempt was made by Mark A.Z. Dippé to bring the comic to the big screen. It starred Michael Jai White. The film made back what its estimated budget was by double at the box office, however, a sequel was never made because the profit wasn’t enough to warrant one. The ratings it received didn’t help.

Spawn couldn’t make it out of the planning stages for the last twenty years. At first, it was a sequel that was in development, however, as time passed, a reboot seemed more likely. In the mid-2000’s, comic book movies became more popular, and this is when the switch in thinking was made. At San Diego Comic Con this past summer, the project finally gained traction. McFarlane chose to work with Blumhouse Productions, who did The Purge and Get Out. He will also be doing the writing and producing.

Deadline reports that at New York Comic Con this year, McFarlane announced that in late December, pre-production will start and production will start in February 2018. Spawn will be R-rated, but he made a point of saying it will not be because of “a couple of F-bombs and a couple of bare asses” like Deadpool. He said it will be a dark film.

“It’s going to be dark,” McFarlane said. “I will have a shark in blackwater and if you’re swimming he will come and you’ll be gone and he will f**k you up.”

Though this is a superhero film, it will be very different than the ones we are used to out of the Marvel and DC camps. Blumhouse is known for making great thought-provoking films on a low budget. We can expect the same with Spawn.

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