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Gal Gadot Makes Out With Kate McKinnon During Wonder Woman SNL Sketch

Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and the results were hilarious. Besides reminding us that A) she’s the most beautiful person alive, and B) she’s as tall as an actual Amazon, we were also treated to her largely unknown comedic talents.

Skits included a woman sheltered from current events unknowingly on a date with a just-released O.J. Simpson; a Sally Jessy Raphael-style talk show; Kendall Jenner hanging out with interchangeably brainless models; and a risqué desert mirage.

But the one everyone is talking about came towards the end of the show. Diana and the other Amazons are busy with their warrior training when a boat washes up on the shore of Themyscira. In the boat are two women (Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant), who we quickly learn are lesbians, but not a couple. The castaways, finding themselves on an island populated entirely with strong beautiful women, think they’ve died and gone to heaven.

There’s just one problem: apparently, the Amazons aren’t gay. The two women express their disappointment and disbelief. Diana, feeling bad for them, agrees to kiss one, just to see if she feels anything.

Guys, this is no quick peck. It’s a long, steamy, passionate kiss. I’m pretty sure there was tongue and everything.

Sadly for our gay castaways, Diana proves that the Amazons are, in fact, not (necessarily) homosexual. The skit does a great job of poking fun at the argument that *of course they are,* because an island full of gorgeous, scantily clad women spending their immortality in celibacy seems highly unlikely.

The two women ultimately get back in their boat, and head for the Greek island of Lesbos. Cue the lol’s.

Back in September, fans were petitioning for Wonder Woman to be bisexual in the upcoming sequel, so this sketch should definitely get some interesting reactions.

Did you enjoy this skit? Would you like to see Gadot return to SNL? Tell us what you think!

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