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DC Comics Reveal New Female Batman Named Bryce Wayne

DC’s Dark Knights: Metal event has already created quite a stir and things are about to get really shaken up by one new multiverse character in particular. Having committed some dark deeds already, Bryce Wayne is set likely to cause quite a bit more damage before she can be stopped in Batman: The Drowned. Already she has waged war on main Earth, submerging Aquaman’s hometown and turning Mera into a soldier of her zombified army, known as ‘Dead Water’.

And we’re only on issue #1!

Bryce (a.k.a. The Drowned) hails from Earth-11, one of the darker realities of the multiverse. While we don’t know much about her origins, we can assume it follows the path of her counterpart Bruce Wayne. But one event seems to have twisted her into much more of a villain than a hero.

bryce wayne Batman: The Drowned

Following the death of her lover, Catman (which tells us all characters have had their genders swapped in this universe), Bryce made it her mission to slaughter the superhumans responsible. To achieve her vengeance Batwoman goes to extreme lengths; mutating herself to breath underwater, gain accelerated healing and even control water in order to win her fight against the Atlanteans. In order to win the war she also engineers zombie-like creatures to fight against the Atlanteans, helping her to emerge victorious and claim Aquawoman’s trident as a trophy after slaying her. Bryce seeks to continue this war in DC’s main Earth, aiming to submerge this planet underwater as she did her own.

female batman bryce wayne

It seems that a key difference between Bryce and Bruce is their isolation. Without guidance from other members of the Justice League Bruce may have very well turned down this dark path. But with the Justice League now scattered, what will it take to bring down this evil iteration? With many more Batmen/women invading DC’s main Earth, fans better strap in because this is set to be one hell of a ride.

Batman: The Drowned #1 is out now.

Source: Screen Rant

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