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Hugh Jackman May Finally Wear WOLVERINE Costume

Hugh Jackman may not be returning as Wolverine in the movies, but that hasn’t stopped the actor from teasing a very interesting Halloween costume.

Back in July, Jackman did suggest that the only way he could return as Wolverine would be playing dress up with his kids:

“[Wolverine’ll] come back, just not with me. Well, except on Saturday nights at my house. I dress up! When my kids are not doing their homework, I dress up and the claws come out [laughs]. I just have to do that [raise an eyebrow] with the claws and it works! Definitely someone else will play the role [of Wolverine], it’s a great role. You know, it’s like a Bond or it’s like a Batman, those kinds of roles. Other people will play him for sure.”

One of the lone criticisms of Jackman’s 17 year run as the Marvel character was that he never actually wore the iconic costume. I’m not really sure how practical that would have been for movies, though,  and thought the ultimate look they went with worked.

Many are saying it’s a role that should never be cast again, but Jackman himself wants to see it happen:

“…hopefully I am a big enough guy that when someone else takes over, I will do exactly what was done to me … and I feel glad to just be a part of the legacy of that character. I feel great parts — great characters outlive the actors that play them. Bond, Superman, Batman … So, there you go.”

Here’s hoping FOX doesn’t reboot it too soon.

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