New Details For The Upcoming HALLOWEEN Movie Revealed

New Halloween Movie Michael Myers Jamie Lee Curtis

As we all know, a new Halloween sequel is set to begin filming this Fall, with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride at the helm. Green will direct from a script he wrote with McBride. Jamie Lee Curtis is set to reprise her iconic role of Laurie Strode, and fans everywhere are excited.

Earlier this week, McBride was interviewed by Yahoo, where he explained some very interesting tidbits regarding the new sequel.

“We’re kind of ignoring all the films past the first one. It picks up after the first one, but it’s sort of an alternate reality.”

McBride continued to elaborate on the alternate reality concept.

“It’s as if the first Halloween ended in a slightly different way.” he said.

And if you’re worried that this might mess up the legacy of the original film, McBride reveals that he and Green have been very careful about making this film a proper continuation.

“I just hope that we don’t f*ck it up and piss people off. This is such a diehard fan base. You don’t want horror fans being your enemies because they show up at your house with masks on. We are diehard fans of Halloween. We’re watching all the sequels and where things have taken left turns here and there that maybe bites for fans, and at least trying to deliver what we would have wanted to see. Hopefully that will line up with most fans.”

He added:

“I think you should be very scared. I mean, this isn’t a comedy at all. I think there was, like, maybe one joke on the page, but the rest is straight horror. So hopefully it gets in people’s heads and keeps them up late at night.”

He also explained how much work they put into perfecting the script so that they could get Jamie Lee Curtis to return.

“We busted our ass on this script to really make that Laurie Strode character something she wouldn’t be able to say no to.”

Well, seeing how Curtis did in fact join the film, they seem to have succeeded. McBride already revealed back in May that Michael Myers won’t be immortal in this film:

“Look at where the Halloween franchise has gone. There’s a lot of room for improvement. David and I are coming from it as, we are horror fans, and we are humongous fans of John Carpenter and of what he did with the original Halloween, so I think from watching this and being disappointed by other versions of this series, I think we’re just trying to strip it down and just take it back to what was so good about the original.”

He added:

“It was just very simple and just achieved that level of horror that wasn’t corny and it wasn’t turning Michael Myers into some supernatural being that couldn’t be killed. That stuff to me isn’t scary. I want to be scared by something that I really think could happen. I think it’s much more horrifying to be scared by someone standing in the shadows while you’re taking the trash out as opposed to someone who can’t be killed pursuing you.”

In the new film: Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Halloween hits theaters October 19, 2018.

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