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Could A Hugh Jackman Wolverine Musical Be On The Way?

Hugh Jackman has proven his skill on the screen as one of the biggest comic book characters come to life during his Wolverine tenure. He played that character for 17 years, but during that time has done some more artistic and maybe even polar opposite work, such as Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman. So why not combine his two great loves; Wolverine and musicals?

The question was broached to Jackman during an interview he recently did with Yahoo. It’s a laughable idea, and laugh he did, at first. He explained that Logan wouldn’t just take to singing and dancing in the middle of one of his films. However, he was pushed further when asked if he would be up for the project, and went on to say:

“No, and nor would Wolverine, I can tell you right now. I think I’ve played him long enough… Actually, you only have to read one comic book to know that’s probably never going to happen.”

Most would stop that line of questioning right there, but the interviewer insisted they stop and think about this, so he continued with:

“If he did, it would be in the Blues Brothers world. Think chicken wire and people throwing beer bottles and him slicing them in half. I don’t see kick lines!”

It’s pretty obvious Wolverine won’t make it to the main stage any time soon, however, this line of questioning and his comments make for an interesting image. And not just for the Wolverine. Any comic book character is interesting to think about. My personal favorite would be Loki. And why not? The Flash has already done a musical.

Hugh Jackman maintains that he will not play as Logan again. There have been rumors swirling to the contrary since Disney now owns Fox, and fans are hoping he’ll make a comeback. It would be difficult to make that work after Logan, and he has had a good long run at the role.

Would you like to see a Hugh Jackman Wolverine musical? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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