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Kristen Wiig Cheetah Wonder Woman 2

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Kristen Wiig Confirmed As Cheetah For Wonder Woman 2

Excitement around every corner for the sequel to the female hero that everyone loves.  Wonder Woman 2 has been said to start filming soon and with that a few cast members have been announced.

There would be no heroes if there were no villains and it seems that a certain strong females adversary has finally been chosen.  The sequel is set to film this may, in the United Kingdom and the popular archenemy Cheetah has been cast.  The director, Patty Jenkins, has taken to her social media to announce that the newest edition will be Kristen Wiig.  With a slight spelling error of the star’s name, she exclaims how excited they are to work together and builds anticipation of what is to come.

Wiig is famous for a wide variety of movies from Bridesmaids to the female adaption of Ghostbusters.  Although this role is going to be one of the tougher roles with hard to impress fans, Wiig seems to be the perfect fit.  Gal Gadot will be returning as the Powerful female Hero Wonder Woman and fans couldn’t be more thrilled.  As of now, no other cast announcements have been made but there shall be more to come soon as filming starts.

Although Wonder Woman is the star of the film, Cheetah has a connection to comic fans that may steal the spot light right from under Gadot’s nose. Cheetah’s abilities include superhuman speed, amazing reaction time, strength, and durability.  She can see in the dark and has an enhanced sense of smell.  Also, let us not forget those fangs and claws.  It will be interesting to see this adapted on the big screen and will be no surprise if Wiig rocks the role.  We may have a new villain that everyone will fall in love with.

What do you think of Wiig in the role of cheetah?  Are you excited for the Upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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