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Deadpool 2

‘Deadpool 2’ Projected To Have Lower Opening Weekend Than First Film

Deadpool 2 is set to release May 18th, and with that we have had a small taste with the recent trailer and the different rumors about poor test screenings. Of course, those were debunked shortly after and the movie was said to be doing just fine. Even with them denying that rumor, it seems that the movie may not do as well as they had hoped and its all because of timing.

Deadpool 2 is another round of crazy with Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, with his sarcastic dark humor and love for finding trouble. The original was well liked all around and really had people hoping and chanting for the sequel, but now that Deadpool 2 must compete with Avengers: Infinity War, the box office projections are seeing a drop according to Box Office Pro.

When the original hit theaters, it made a then record-breaking amount of $132 million in the first 3 days at the box office, but the sequel is set to make an even $100 million for the first weekend. With Infinity War releasing only a few weeks before Deadpool 2, it is no wonder the fans would rather go to the event of the year. Projections are also showing that even though Deadpool made $363 million during its run, the sequel may only bring in around $242 million – which is a big difference in the movie world. It still seems like a lot but compared to Infinity War’s projections of a 3 day $215 million and a full total of $538 million – and is a great deal less than fox had probably hoped for.

Regardless of the projections, we can safely assume that Deadpool 2 will still be great and although the timing of the film is fighting against them, Wade Wilson will not be ignored. Fans will most likely still find time to go and see the film and have a great time doing so.
Catch the trailer for Deadpool 2, and don’t forget to show the movie some love when it hits theaters. Let’s prove the projections wrong and that fans will see 2 movies in one month… double feature, maybe?

Are you still interested in Deadpool 2 even with Infinity War coming out shortly before? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

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