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Deadpool 2 Reportedly Having Disastrous Test Screenings; FOX Shocked

Following the massive success that was Deadpool, we have been eagerly awaiting its sequel. As yet untitled, Deadpool 2, is set for release on May 18th 2018, and we can’t help but wonder if it will be able to achieve the same glory as Deadpool.

Obviously, it remains to be seen if it’s actually the case or not. Test screenings are always hit or miss (Suicide Squad received a standing ovation) and aren’t normally a reflection of what the finished product actually is. Unless it’s awful, in which case there’s really no saving the film at all.

So far, the comments on Twitter have pointed to the film being pretty bad. It all started when blogger Jeremy Conrad posted the following update:

“Fox screened Deadpool 2 tonight (not Dark Phoenix again) and….yikes! First reaction wasn’t what I expected to hear.”

He also added that the film is 30 minutes longer than the first one, the plot is lacking and the character of Vanessa is wasted. Fox was quick to threaten legal action against him for these comments if he didn’t remove the Tweets so, unsurprisingly, he did.

The studio failed to remove all the comments, however. Another Twitter user, Mike Kalinowski, posted saying that Deadpool 2 is “testing really poorly. They are stunned with what the screening audiences are saying. I know people don’t say much about it but, you CANNOT underestimate Tim Millers contribution to getting Deadpool made. He was 1/2 the equation”.

Meanwhile, Robert Burnett put his thoughts on Twitter saying “From my perspective, with what I’ve heard, they’ve made a HUGE, ALIEN 3 blunder with the story”.  Fox’s problems just get worse as other, since deleted, Tweets from various users pointed out similar issues.

As we said before, this is all coming from a test screening – screenings that are used to improve a film before its released – so we shouldn’t get too worried yet. Comedy sequels in general are a very hard to get right, just look at things like Zoolander 2 or Anchorman 2. Given those were released far too long after the originals and with far less anticipation than Deadpool 2. Throw in the fact that they’ve added some major new characters in Cable and Domino – and the news doesn’t seem all that surprising.

Deadpool was a surprise hit back in 2016, and all we can do is hold out hope that David Leitch and company were able to create a film that lives up to that one. Given that FOX has messed up other Marvel films in the past, we really can’t be too sure on this one. And the fact that Tim Miller left might be a bigger deal that initially thought.

In somewhat of an update, this was tweeted today:

All we can do for now though is to wait to find out for ourselves when the film is released on May 18th.

What do you make of the reported test screenings for Deadpool 2? Are you surprised? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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