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Captain Marvel Set Photos May Have Revealed Lashana Lynch’s Role

Captain Marvel has officially started filming and we have gotten a look at Brie Larson in her 90’s outfits as Carol Danvers. The film is going to take place with a 90’s theme and is going to give us a back story we have yet to see. It is going to be the first Marvel solo-female lead movie and we will even see a younger Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson.

With recent reports of an actress turning down an unnamed role in Captain Marvel followed by the second choice, DeWanda Wise, leaving the role, it allowed Lashana Lynch to clinch the spot in the film. Although we only had speculation on which role she would be playing, with the new set photos released – it seems that one theory is looking to be truer than others.

That Hashtag Show recently speculated that Lynch would be playing the mentor known as Monica Rambeau based on insider information saying that Wise was set to play the mother of a young child who would be a “contemporary” of Carol Danvers.

With these photos we can see a similarity between Rambeau and Lynch and how this could be more than just a theory. However, the details are staying secret from us for now as Marvel likes to have a few tricks up their sleeve that make it much more exciting for fans.

We also get another glimpse at Brie Larson as Danvers and see her preforming stunts for the upcoming film. She is wearing her Navy uniform and in others she is full out dressed in nostalgic clothing. Larson really pulls off the look for Danvers and Captain Marvel and it is going to be a great movie regardless of who Lynch plays, but fans are saying that they are expecting no one else but Rambeau and that Marvel should know that.

Captain Marvel is set to arrive March 8th, 2019 shortly before the recently filmed Avengers 4 makes its way to theaters, and with that we may get another look at Larson as she joins the Avengers in the war. She was said to be filming but would not be present in Infinity War, so it is expected at this point. Speculated, but expected.

Do you think that Lashana Lynch will be playing Rambeau?  How would you feel if she were playing someone else?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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