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‘The Meg’ Novel Writer Responds To Criticism Of Film’s First Trailer

You cannot mess with a fandom without getting bitten, this is a fact in the movie business. However, with that knowledge, most book-based films still make the necessary changes they need, to bring the words to life on screen. With that, comes anger, and it seems that the slight changes made to The Meg in the upcoming movie – have fans of the novel pissed off.  However, that also gave the Author a chance to stand up for his work of art, and we are so glad he did.

The Meg is set to hit theaters August 10th, later this year and is a horror/sci-fi/action movie starring Jason Statham. The movie is based off the 1997 published novel written by Steve Alten, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. With that, comes the responsibility of living up to thousands upon thousands of different perspectives of fans that have lived this novel out in their minds, so you know some are going to be disappointed. What you couldn’t have guessed was the recent trailer that was released, also released the Kraken of angry fans upon Hollywood. The fans are apparently mad at Alten as well, calling him a sell-out.

What really seems to be the big news with all the insults and disappointment being flown around the internet surrounding a 2 minute trailer of a film, is how the Author, Steve Alten, stood his ground and stood up for the film and those that worked on it and the changes that were made.

“I know there are some of you who are disappointed that the movie varies from the book. I completely understand, and take it as a compliment. However, you are basing your opinion on a few minutes of trailers, and some seriously great footage. The Mariana Trench looks incredible in the International trailer. As far as the Meg being albino – they tried. Albinos in real life don’t look natural, in CGI they look fake. I applaud their decision.”

How can you ague that? He did go on to defend himself against those that called him a sell out, which is really a horrible thing to do to someone who is about to see their baby on screen.

“As for accusing me of selling out what does that even mean? I am honored to have a studio WANT to buy my work. If selling out is defined as earning money to feed my family, then sure. None of you know how hard the last 22 years have been – the last eleven with Parkinson’s. As a full-time author, I live between paychecks, and have borrowed money from my late Dad, my mom, and a close friend to keep this dream and career alive. Selling out? As opposed to taking the project to the grave with me? Most Important – this is a really amazing movie…one that I believe will earn in excess of a billion dollars and spawn some even better sequels. As always, you are invited along for the ride… what would I do without you?”

Even though he deleted his post, it seems to have grabbed the attention of some, and hopefully will help those angry about the little changes made, see the trailer for what it is, a short and heavily edited piece to attract NEW audiences.

Be sure to catch The Meg in theaters on August 10th.

Are you disappointed with how the film looks? Do you stand behind the Author and what he has said? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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