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Josh Brolin Gives His Very Blunt Thoughts On Marvel vs. DC

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin were in Berlin Germany promoting their newest film, Deadpool 2.  Brolin played the dark and time traveling villain Cable.  With that, the two were asked their opinions of the Marvel and DC film universes and while Reynolds held back, Brolin didn’t.

Brolin has acted in many films, both DC and Marvel, most recently he played Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. However, he played Jonah Hex for DC in 2010 and has not been seen in another for DC since. He has appeared in many Marvel films and his brief response to being asked the differences between his experiences gave a good reason why.

“Total failure and massive success.”

DC and Marvel have had quite a rivalry in recent years with both fighting for fans at the box office, but Brolin’s opinions come from his personal experience. His 2010 film, Jonah Hex, bombed at the box office, and although the heroic cowboy found redemption on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, his future in film us very unclear at this moment.

Brolin did continue on to say that he likes DC and he wouldn’t be against taking on the role of Jonah Hex again. He believes it would have done better as a “gritty kind of guerrilla Western,” but “the studio got really nervous.” With R-rated superhero films doing so well for Marvel, maybe Jonah Hex will make a return in the style that Brolin thought would fit perfectly.

However, with success of films alone, it is very easy to see why Brolin would be on the side of Marvel. With him also signed on to play at least three more installments for the franchise, his loyalty is lying where success is found.

As stated, Ryan Reynolds was also asked to compare but he declined to comment, however with Deadpool 2 releasing soon, I bet we will see something in there besides referring to Cable as dark enough to be part of DC.

How would you compare DC to Marvel as fans?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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